1. Tammy Little avatar

    Tammy Little

    On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 9:05 PM, Tammy Little said:

    Dear Rob Thomas,

    I am a long time fan of your music and I am so excited about attending your concert in Charlotte ,NC in July. Please do not cancel your concert. I changed my family vacation so I could see the show. I am counting on you! There will always be differences of opinions no matter what the topic or the location.

  2. amy b avatar

    amy b

    On Sun, May 1, 2016 at 9:07 PM, amy b said:

    I read the interview and I am from NC. There are probably a lot of us who love Rob Thomas and admire his talent for making music and song writing, but it bothers me that more and more celebrities are insulting many of their fans for our beliefs. I for one agree with the bill in NC that continues bathroom/lockerroom practices as they are, and not to allow males who are biologically born as male to enter a lockeroom or restroom with me or my children. I think this issue is very separate from people's support or lack thereof of the gay community. I too have gay friends and customers who I admire and respect very much. I love them simply as the people they are...not because they're gay or straight. I don't however support gay marriage because that's MY belief that marriage was created by God between a man and woman. And I don't understand why supporters of these issues who are asking the rest of us to be so tolerant, are so INTOLERANT of the fact that we are allowed to have our beliefs too. The irony is a bit hypocritical. There are a lot of us who love people as they are no matter what but we just don't happen to support gay marriage or biologically born males in our female restrooms. Our beliefs and values are just as important as yours, and if you preach tolerance, then you must be willing to be tolerant of those who are feel differently than you do as well. Just my two cents worth for the day...

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