Chip Tooth Tour Diamond VIP Fan Review - Prior Lake, MN
June 12, 2019 by User

Chip Tooth Tour Diamond VIP Fan Review - Prior Lake, MN

"Fame. One word with incredible power. It can be used to influence the world to polar extremes, based on the heart of the beholder. I’m here to tell you from personal experience that Rob Thomas is one of the good ones. A legendary artist who has forever touched our lives in one night, simply because he cares about his fans and has a heart of gold.

Saturday, June 8th, 2019 my husband Shawn and I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to not only attend Rob Thomas’s concert at Mystic Lake but lucked out on snagging one of the few Diamond VIPs tickets to the event. This would have been amazing in and of itself but the fact his music is so personal to us makes this story all the better.

You know when the universe aligns and things just add up perfectly? If you said no, it’s because you’re not stopping to look back at your life and add up the little pieces, the little gifts, the “Little Wonders” that are cleverly placed there to sprinkle our lives with joy. Recognize them. We just did.

I recently learned “Ever the Same” was released in November 2005, the same month my husband and I started dating. This song became “our song” soon after we met. At night, we would to listen to ear pods with one in his ear and one in mine. The music we played was lyrics and rhythms that resonated with us. Those real “feel good” songs were always a favorite and when we first heard “Ever the Same” it was an unsaid claiming of an “our song” moment.

Flash forward several years to the day Shawn proposed to me. He had a local, talented band learn “Ever the Same.” He begged me to dance on the venue dance floor during the song prior (I didn’t want to but caved) and when our song came on I couldn’t help but stay dancing. I think we can all agree the proposal at the end of the song was a trade off for bar floor dancing.

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Last November, when visiting Maui with some friends, we capped out the evening enjoying a local performer in the center bar at our resort. The artist was playing a variety of songs from country to pop. The prelude to a familiar song stole our attention and seconds later we were dancing to our song again. Coincidentally, this little surprise happened to fall approximately on the same day, 13 years ago, that Shawn and I began dating!

Ever the same. Universe aligned.

When I found out Rob Thomas was playing only a few hours away from home, my first thought was, “how do I get us meet & greets!?” Fortunately, Rob’s Diamond VIP package was all it listed and more. Apparently, different venues can determine which VIP perks they offer. Knowing what was listed may or may not be included once we got there due individual venue rules, we purchased the tickets regardless. Not only did we get what was listed, we got more. Our group of Diamond VIPs included only 5 people total. I’m still not sure how the luck of timing granted me these but I’m so grateful.

One package perk included meeting with Rob for a few minutes. Our conversation starter was golden. Shawn took off his wedding ring and showed Rob his lyrics, “Ever the Same” engraved inside. Rob’s response? “That’s so awesome, thank you, man.”

I’ll never forget how in that moment I felt Rob’s true passion for connecting with his fans. He THANKED us. I truly felt his sincerity, that our story, though small in the ocean of fans he has met, tugged at his musical heart strings.

We were escorted back to the main ticketing area prior to the show by his amazingly kind and professional tour director (you were awesome! Also, I know your job description is far from simply a tour guide so please forgive me)! We were instructed to meet again in a designated location before the first song started. We were then brought past first row to where we were actually leaning ON the stage and told that for the first 3 songs we could take as much video and photos as we wanted. After, we were brought back behind the stage curtain and sat ON side stage for the entire rest of the show. Shawn and I were instructed to sit in the first 2 barstools, with the other 3 close behind us.

For the entire show, Shawn and I were viewable by most of the audience. Some girl even waved until I finally acknowledged and waved back. I’m not sure who she was!  #5minutesoffame

Not only did we feel like part of the show, we took on the feeling of what Rob and the band feel every time they step on stage. The vibe the audience sends back is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s the biggest rush ever and we were simply sitting, rolling with the beat and soaking it all in. Rob and the guitarist acknowledged us multiple times, whether a direct look, head nod, wave or the throwing of multiple guitar picks at us during the show.

The best part of it all was over halfway through the show, after one song had ended, Rob turned to us and pointed with a fire in his eyes that appointed, “this one’s for you.” What followed was the most beautifully perfect and “extra” performance of “Ever the Same” that we have EVER heard.

Later in the show (although we had already received guitar picks during the tour and even from the guitarist during the show) Rob walked up to Shawn and gave him his guitar pick followed by a fist pump. Ok, I actually don’t remember if that fist pump was in that moment or a half-hour before. Time stood still and my brain was pretty fuzzy after that point from taking in ALL THE FEELS! Regardless, I know I took the warm pick from Shawn’s hand and put it in a separate pocket of my purse, away from the others.

Shawn and I have both concluded there will never be a way to explain to anyone how impactful this experience was to us. The word we keep saying is “numb.” It was an inexplainable dream-like experience the whole way through (hence me posting the eyes-closed photo below during the meet and greet). I’ve done the best I can in words but if you want to see for yourself, try your luck at snagging the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet or even see Rob Thomas perform. Not only does he have a passion for music but clearly for his fans.

So Rob, if you read this, we just wanted to formally thank you for impacting our lives with not only an experience of a lifetime that exceeded our expectations in every way, but for truly giving AF about your fans. We can’t thank you enough for making us feel remembered and acknowledged throughout the entire show. You’ve put the cap on the universe theory. The stars are aligned. We will actually “never be the same,” for we are forever changed by your humbling generosity, talent and fan love.

Thank you.
Shawn & Rachel Weyer"

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