Sidewalk Angels

Sidewalk Angels Foundation was foundered by Marisol and Rob Thomas in 2003.

Dedicated to providing critically needed funds and support to over 20 no-kill animal shelters and animal rescues across the country including the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica), Mexico and now in Serbia. that help to fight for the rights and fair treatment of those with no voice.

Organizations doing amazing work, that desperately need our help to continue with rescues, adoptions, building proper shelter facilities, getting proper medical care, low cost spay and neuter programs, helping to teach children kindness and compassion through animals, and advocacy programs such as fighting against cruelty and working to fight against breed discrimination. The foundation also works with homeless shelters that provide for the displaced by meeting the physical needs of people and their pets in crisis; so that families in need are not forced to give up their pets.

In past years, we’ve helped rescues with no physical structure other than some fencing and sheds, and no real funding, to build proper facilities with indoor and outdoor kennels.

We also help organizations across the United States with big cross-country rescues and large medical expenses incurred during these rescues. One example is our continued partnership with The Sato Project, helping with the care and transport of animals from PR.

Sidewalk Angels is also committed to helping organizations dedicated to increasing public awareness through educational programs that focus on the frequency of violent crimes against animals, and the correlation between animal abuse and violent behavior towards people.

The Humane Society of the United States will honored Sidewalk Angels Foundation, founded by Grammy Award-winning artist Rob Thomas and his wife and philanthropist Marisol Thomas with the Compassion in Action award at its 2017 To the Rescue! New York: Saving Animal Lives gala.

Rob and Marisol said: “Sidewalk Angels Foundation is honored to be receiving the Compassion in Action award from The Humane Society of the United States. It is truly humbling for our small grass roots Foundation to be recognized by one of the world’s leading animal advocacy organizations. The HSUS works tirelessly to confront cruelty and rescue thousands of animals every year, and has been an inspiration for us from the very beginning.”

During this unprecedented time of natural disasters and Covid we try to step in and help make sure shelters and rescues can continue their work as well as make sure that families can continue to get the care they need for their pets

This past spring Sidewalk Angels & the HSUS partnered together to put together "Rock the House for Animals", a virtual benefit for people, their pets, and shelters impacted by COVID-19.

Marisol and Rob Thomas’ Sidewalk Angels Foundation Partnered with Global Lyme Alliance to Bring Awareness About Lyme Disease Prevention for People and Pets- and how to protect all family members from Lyme and Tick-Borne diseases.

For all media inquiries or general questions, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected]


The world can move so fast that those in need are often passed by. From animals that have been abandoned and abused to those who are destitute, homeless, or cannot afford proper medial care – these are universal problems that Sidewalk Angels Foundation, through its efforts, encourages people to address locally.


“Sidewalk Angels Foundation is a true foundation helping those less fortunate. They have supported Chattanooga Room in the Inn, a program for homeless women and children. The contribution helped our operating expenses to provide help and hope for 73 individuals last year. Additionally, their process is simpler than that of other foundations, which leaves our time free to provide the services to our community’s most vulnerable individuals.”

Erin Creal, Executive Director, Chattanooga Room in the Inn

“Without the support of Sidewalk Angels Foundation, we would not be able to have saved 1,200 dogs in just 20 months. They have provided funding at the most critical times for us, especially this past winter when South Carolina saw record low temperature and animals were at risk of freezing to death in the shelter. With their help, we have been able to save so many lives and rescue dogs that would have otherwise never gotten a chance at life. We are forever indebted to Sidewalk Angels Foundation for their partnership in our life-saving mission.”

Judith Langmaid, Web Administer, Last Chance Animal Rescue